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Precor: The Birthplace of the Elliptical

Precor: The Birthplace of the Elliptical

When you think of cardio fitness equipment, you probably think of the treadmill and the elliptical. There are other high-quality machines, but these two are such mainstays in the fitness world that you can’t even picture a gym without them. However, back in the early 1990s, the elliptical was just a garage experiment until Precor innovation got a hold of it.

While we take the elliptical for granted now, in the beginning, Precor was creating a new category that would soon revolutionize the fitness industry. The brand new elliptical provided a zero-impact, fluid, natural motion workout that delivered results.

As you consider adding an elliptical to your home gym, purchasing one from the creator of the elliptical category is the best way to go. We’ve continually delivered proven reliability to revolutionize the elliptical throughout the years to provide the best equipment and fitness experience on the market. 

What Makes a Precor Elliptical So Effective 

Your first Precor elliptical experience was likely at the gym, in a hotel, or even a student rec center, and no doubt it left its mark. Here are just a few of the ways Precor is a step—or stride—above the rest.

Precor not only played a revolutionary role in the development of the elliptical (and holds the patent for the elliptical motion), but also played the key part in innovating elliptical technology to be most effective.

Increasing Incline with CrossRamp®

The truly revolutionary aspect of the Precor elliptical is its patented adjustable CrossRamp. When you add incline to your workout, you activate different muscle groups in your lower body. The CrossRamp allows for you to dictate the incline of the elliptical and provide true control over the muscles that are engaged during your training. 

Our research with the University of Oregon revealed that no matter where the ramp was placed, the user got equally beneficial muscle engagement. Whether the CrossRamp is adjusted manually or mechanically, Precor ellipticals work your glutes, quads, abs, and hamstrings with a simple adjustment. You’ll be able to use this one piece of equipment to engage your entire body.

Biomechanically Designed

How can you tell if you’re on a Precor elliptical? Stand with your feet on the foot pedals, stand with a posture that would make your mother proud, and start moving the foot pedals. Does your posture change as you start moving? With a Precor elliptical you’ll find that your back and neck stay perfectly aligned even with your feet moving. This is the Precor difference—we’ve spent years perfecting the motion of our ellipticals to be biomechanically designed for our bodies. If you try the same exercise on a competitor’s elliptical, the machine will alter your posture in order to keep it moving.

An additional difference you’ll notice on a Precor elliptical is that your heels remain planted on the foot pedals. While this may not seem significant, it is essential. On competitors’ ellipticals, your heels may want to creep up so that your body’s weight is on your toes rather than your full foot. If this happens, instead of working the large muscles in your upper legs (your quads and hamstrings), you’re targeting the smaller muscles in your lower legs (the shins and calves) and not getting the full benefit of the elliptical’s motion. When your whole foot stays on the foot pedal, you’ll get the workout you’re looking for.

While you may not see these differences as a big deal in the short term, let’s consider the long term. An average elliptical user completes one million rotations on an elliptical over two years. That comes out to 7-10 million rotations over the life of the elliptical. If you’re doing 7-10 million rotations and your body is not perfectly aligned while using it, you’ll start to feel its impact over the months and years. Precor specifically designed our elliptical to truly be a zero-impact workout, regardless of how many millions of rotations you have on it.

Rear-Drive vs. Front-Drive Ellipticals

When considering your options for ellipticals, you may notice a key difference between manufacturers, specifically where the motor is. Some have the motor in the back (rear-drive), and others have it in the front (front-drive). While you may think this is just a design component, there is a distinct difference between the two placements.

When Precor designed the elliptical, they wanted to replicate the fluid walking, jogging, or running motion that exercisers were used to in their natural strides and determined a rear-driven motor was the best option—and then patented it.

As you compare both styles in your research, notice the difference. Do you feel like you’re on a stair climber when you’re on the front-drive elliptical? When you’re on the rear-drive machine, do you feel you’re experiencing a natural stride and motion? Time and again, you’ll see that the rear-drive ellipticals created by Precor closely resemble the look and feel of your natural movement.

Selecting the Proven Leader

Choosing an elliptical for your home gym can be overwhelming, but if you’re looking for a leader in the industry (remember, we created the elliptical category and hold the patents!), Precor is the best choice. From the CrossRamp to the rear drive, you’ll notice the Precor difference in quality, fluidity, and movement.

To experience the Precor elliptical experience for yourself, visit an authorized Precor dealer to test out our models alongside those of our competitors. We believe you’ll feel the Precor difference and want one for your home gym.