Smart Watch Connector For Apple Watch®

Smart Watch Connector For Apple Watch®

We are excited to announce Precor will offer their exercisers in the USA and Canada the ability to connect Apple Watch® to Precor 680, 780 and 880 Line cardio equipment with P82 consoles via a new feature called the Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch.

In today’s world being connected has become essential. Whether exercisers are exercising outside, at home, or in the gym, most have some way of tracking their workouts. Apple Watch is a top choice for a lot of exercisers. Our own recent research showed that two-thirds of exercisers surveyed said that they used Apple Watch to track their fitness journeys1. With so many ways and places to get moving, it’s important for exercisers to have all of their metrics in one place and to see their results and progress over time, no matter where they are.

1 Precor Prosumer Research, Kim Scott Consulting, January 2021

Precor P82 console with Apple Smart Watch Connector for cardio equipment for exercisers

The Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch is a new feature on the Precor P82 15-inch touchscreen console. It leverages Apple GymKit™ technology to connect Precor cardio equipment to an exerciser’s Apple Watch. With Apple GymKit integration, speed and distance data is seamlessly sent to the exercisers Apple Watch, and metrics from Apple Watch such as heart rate and calculated calorie expenditure is displayed on the Precor console. At any point during the workout, an exerciser can view these metrics on the large console screen.

To give you choice and flexibility when adding this feature to your cardio area, the Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch is available across our 680, 780 and 880 lines of cardio with a P82 console. This gives you the ability to offer it on Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and Adaptive Motion Trainers® (AMT®), as well as your recumbent and upright bikes. To give your exercisers a variety of workout choices, we recommend that the Smart Watch Connector feature is available on at least one of each type of cardio equipment.

You can still offer the ability to connect to Apple Watch even if your Precor P82 touch screen consoles aren’t networked. This is because the communication between Apple Watch and Connector is via Bluetooth®, not WiFi®.

Performance Tracking

How does it work? It couldn’t be simpler. Exercisers simply hold their Apple Watch near the Connector to confirm their connection. If an exerciser forgets to tap their Apple Watch to the console at the beginning of the workout, they can do so at any time during the workout and receive credit for all activity that occurred in that particular cardio session.

How to use Precor P82 console with Apple Smart Watch ConnectorTip: Exercisers should make sure their Apple Watch is set to detect gym equipment—open the Settings app on Apple Watch, tap Workout, then turn on Detect Gym Equipment.

Apple Watch tracks metrics like heart rate and calculates calorie expenditure, while the Precor P82 console provides information on the speed and distance traveled. Together this enables exercisers to view the complete picture of important metrics like heart rate, speed, and calories, all together in the workout app on iPhone. Workouts are automatically captured by the exerciser’s Apple Watch and securely synced to their iPhone, allowing them to measure their performance over time.

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Interested in learning more about adding the Smart Watch Connector for Apple Watch? Contact our Precor At Home Support Team.