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Group Spin Class from the view behind the instructor overlooking the group of exercisers on their Spinner bikes

Indoor Cycling Bikes & Riding Apps

Whether you fell in love with cycling on your road bike or in a cycling class, hopping on your bike is a great way to burn calories, build muscle tone, increase cardio endurance, and relieve stress. Purchasing an indoor cycling bike for your home is a great investment to bring your studio-quality spinning class home. With specialized studios and in-home cycle solutions, you have a lot of options to consider as you determine where to spend your resources and time while also striving to get the best workout possible.

One of the hottest trends over the last few years is the popularity of dedicated cycling studios. All across the country, studios charge $30+ for an hour’s workout and gyms offering Spin® classes can be upwards of $200 a month for a membership (and often have a multi-year contract on top of it!). If you’d rather not have to pay a hefty membership fee, sign-up in advance for your place in class, pack a bag, wait for a class to start, or leave the house, you have a myriad of options to bring your indoor cycle experience into your home.

Male working out on a Precor Spinner bike in his home gym

When you purchase a Spinning® bike from Precor, you’re literally bringing your gym- and studio-quality Spinner® bike home because it’s the exact same Spin bike from your favorite class. Branded Spin bikes are the standard for indoor cycling – they’re top of the line, reliable, and have an excellent reputation for being a solidly built bike that will help you get the results you’re seeking.

You may notice that the Spin bike doesn’t have a TV screen like some of the other bikes on the market. Technology is a large part of your fitness journey, and Precor understands that. However, as you research your in-home cycle options, it’s important to consider where your investment is going.

Would you rather your money go into a better bike, like a high-quality commercial-quality Spin bike or would you rather it go into a top-of-the-line computer screen with a mediocre consumer-grade bike attached to it? What if you’d like both the commercial-quality bike that you love from your Spin classes and a computer-quality component that allows you to get unique workouts, track your progress, and exercise with people around the world?

Precor has the solution – and it’s less expensive than you’d think. Do you have a TV in your home’s fitness area? Or an iPad or a tablet? Or how about a smartphone? With any of these pieces of technology, you can recreate a virtual group exercise experience using third-party apps and a tablet mount for your tablet or smartphone that mounts right onto your Spinner bike. Alternatively, you can also purchase a tool like Chromecast® or Roku® to broadcast the workouts straight from your smart TV.

By combining your Spin bike with the any of the great indoor cycling apps that are available or by searching YouTube®, you’ll find millions of indoor cycling workouts that allow you to create a tailored workout experience just for you—and your family’s—needs. Why lock yourself into a single app or system? Maximize your fitness journey by creating a plateau-proof program that has the greatest amount of flexibility and variety to your workout routine with one of the Spinner bikes that the pros use.

No doubt you’ve seen the commercials inviting you to bring the studio cycling experience home. This product encourages the investment of a consumer-quality bike with an expensive built-in screen that only works with their one specific application and also includes a hefty membership fee. Or you can bring home the same high-quality bike you’ve been using in your Spinning classes and use your existing devices to connect to your favorite third-party app today, then another one tomorrow, and another one the day after that. All of which is at a lower investment and is backed by the reputation of Precor, the leader in fitness experiences across the globe in homes, clubs, universities, hotels, and more.

Spinning bikes are built to last; after all, its top-quality build is specifically designed to withstand thousands of rides a year. All Spinning bikes feature a heavy perimeter flywheel for the iconic Spinner feel, Morse taper pedals, numerous adjustments, and choice of steel or aluminum frames. The Spinner Chrono™ Power bike features magnetic resistance, direct power measurements, and an ultra-bright color LCD console. They are designed to improve and personalize your ride while giving you the riding experience you and your family have always dreamed of.

Precor Spinner Chrono Power bike

We’ve talked a lot about third-party apps available that keep you accountable for your rides with some apps allowing you to ‘ride’ with people all around the world. With apps like Zwift®, Peloton®, Les Mills® Virtual, Studio Sweat®, and SPINtv®, you can have expert-created virtual group classes at the touch of a screen for a low monthly subscription. These all work seamlessly with your device and are adaptable for your skill level.

Bringing home a Spin bike will help transform your fitness journey. Pairing it with your favorite device and a quality fitness program app will deliver the results you are looking for from your in-home workout. To try out a commercial-quality Spin bike for yourself and talk through the various apps on the market, visit your local Authorized Precor Dealer. The experts there will be able to help you with your questions and show you how a Spin bike is one of the best fitness investments you can make.