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Love Your Spinning® Ride

The Spinning® Difference

The Spinning® program embodies many things–passion, heritage, innovation, quality, and style–to name a few. Over 25 years ago, our passion for road cycling led us to invent the indoor cycling category and create a revolution in the fitness industry.

As industry leaders, we are committed to developing the world’s most respected instructor certification and continuing education programs, as well as offering the world’s best indoor cycling bikes. A bike should work so well that you don’t have to think about it. It should seamlessly respond to the rider’s input, feel comfortable for the duration of a long workout, and withstand the extreme level of use that gym and studio bikes take day in and day out.

Quality is our highest priority in everything we do, from crafting our Spinner® bikes to developing our Spinning® education programs. We’ve partnered with Precor®, a leader in fitness innovation and the producer of premium fitness equipment, to deliver that quality with our latest line of commercial Spinner® bikes. We sweat over every detail in our bike design, from our original perimeter-weighted flywheel system to our innovative threadless pedal connections.

We’ve established the gold standard for indoor cycling bikes and education for everyone. This is the commitment of Spinning®—to bring you the best indoor cycling experience in the world. With innovative design and a dedication to supporting club operators and riders, Precor and Spinning® are raising the bar for indoor cycling now and in the future.

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