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Networked Fitness: Tap into the Future

Networked Fitness: Tap into the Future

 Maximize your home fitness experience with Experience™Series consoles from Precor. From first glance to deeper inspection, the P82 and P62 consoles make quite an impression. With a brilliant touch screen and a simple, intuitive interface, they will draw exercisers deeper into their workout. The clean and proven design of these consoles makes it easy for exercisers to locate controls, inputs, and adjustments.
The Preva® operating system is available exclusively on P82 and P62 consoles, across the 600, 700, and 800 Lines of Experience Series. There are more than  6,000 networked commercial installations across the globe, where exercisers have the ability to display workout metrics and entertainment simultaneously.
As a home exerciser, you can take advantage of the same equipment the pros use, this includes:
Automatic software updates: All networked Precor touch screen consoles receive automatic software updates, refreshed content, and new features–at no expense, and without any action required.
Manage Apps: Control entertainment and media apps with a simple click.
Bluetooth® Headphones: Exercisers can quickly and easily pair their Bluetooth® headphones to the cardio console to enjoy tether-free audio.
Video On Demand: A hand-curated selection of music, sports, and entertainment video play lists designed for the moving environment. Our curator refreshes 36 play lists weekly with popular content selected from YouTube®. A Precor original.
My Profile: Exercisers can easily manage their logins and passwords through a feature on the touch screen console called My Profile.
Preva® Personal Accounts: With a Preva personal account, exercisers can set and track weekly workout goals, receive fun achievement badges, save favorite workouts to do another time, and control the layout of their apps and entertainment so their favorites come first.
Media & Entertainment Apps: Access personal audio and video entertainment apps, like Netflix® and Spotify® through the Precor touch screen consoles. Workout finishes before the movie does? Exercisers can pick up right where they left off on their next workout or from any other personal device. Coming soon is Hulu® and Watch ESPN®.
RunTV: Exercisers will ‘escape to the gym’ with RunTV, where inspiring, fitness-centric media and entertainment delivers an engaging workout every time. Multiple channels offer motivating, human-powered stories, training tips from fitness experts, and stunning interactive trails that sync with the cardio lower for challenging, interactive runs, rides, and climbs in some of the world’s most iconic locations. There’s always something new with frequent content refreshes.
Single Sign-On: Exercisers simply enter their account logins and password for their personal audio and video entertainment accounts, they won’t have to do so again during future workouts. A single sign-on to start their workout is all
they’ll need.
Bluetooth® Sign-in: Exercisers can use mobile phone to sign into their Preva personal account on the Precor touch screen console.