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Precor Ellipticals: Adjusting the Manual CrossRamp

You’ve made the big decision to bring your workouts home. No more waiting for a piece of equipment at a gym, finding a parking spot, or booking your spot in a class. You are steps away from bringing your workout home. But with so many options out there, it may feel like a Herculean feat to figure out which elliptical is best for you and your budget.  

As the creator of the elliptical category in 1995, Precor is here to help. We have a number of options that may work for you, including our Energy™ Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers™ EFX 221 and EFX 222, which includes a manual adjustable incline of our patented CrossRamp® technology. Instead of using a motor to adjust the angle of the ramp like a majority of our other ellipticals, both the EFX 221 with fixed arms and the EFX 222 with moving arms, have a lever that allows you to adjust the ramp level from 15 to 20 to 25 degrees. These ellipticals save you money and still give you the patented feel of a Precor elliptical that you have grown to love from your experience in the gym, university, hotel, or apartment workout room.

Below are some tips on how to manually adjust the  CrossRamp to its three positions:

  • Low - 15 degrees
  • Medium - 20 degrees
  • High - 25 degrees


  1. If you are on the EFX, dismount.
  2. To adjust the CrossRamp, you can either straddle the equipment with one foot on either side, or stand to one side of it (shown).
    CAUTION To adjust the ramp, you must be standing on the floor. You cannot be standing on the equipment or the foot pedals.
  3. Place one hand under the front of the CrossRamp and one hand on the lever.
  4. Pull the front of the ramp up and toward you while pulling the lever back and up. This releases the ramp for adjustment. Carefully adjust the ramp to the desired height.
    IMPORTANT Before releasing your grip, test the ramp by gently pushing it down with your hands to make sure that it has securely clicked into one of the incline positions. The ramp should not move when tested.
  5. Be aware of the position of the console and moving handlebars (on the EFX 222) when you are adjusting the ramp, and be careful not to bump your head on the console when you stand up.



With the three CrossRamp levels partnered with the 16 resistance levels, the Precor EFX 221 or EFX 222 will deliver a home workout that is sure to help get you fit and keep you challenged. To experience a Precor home elliptical for yourself, visit your local Precor authorized dealer.