Repurpose Your College Student’s Bedroom

Repurpose Your College Student’s Bedroom

Turn a spare room into a home gym

Are your kids getting ready to go off to school and leaving you with an extra room or two? Take advantage of your empty nest by turning your spare room into the home gym you’ve always dreamed of. How? Read on for our top tips!

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Things to consider as you plan:

Budget: Home gyms have become more popular in the recent years. Everyone who has built or wants to build one has a budget they need to work within. Depending on several factors, including quality, brand, types of products, and accessories, etc., a home gym can vary wildly in terms of cost, variety, durability, maintenance, and safety. That said, you don't need to spend a lot to build out a space that will help get strong and fit, nor for your gym to be fully functional. There’s enough product out there to satisfy most budgets and still provide you with the right equipment for a well-rounded workout every time. Speak to a Precor expert to help you figure out the best equipment options that fit within your budget.

Space: Whether you have a whole room or a section of a basement, bedroom, sunroom, attic, or garage, a space as small as 10 x 6 feet (600 sq ft) will suffice. Start fresh and make cleaning up the space a top priority before setting up any equipment. If you are repurposing a room, move clutter out so that you can see the full space you are working with. If you choose a bedroom, consider what level of noise will be generated when you’re working out.  Some things to consider:

  • An elliptical and a bike don’t make much noise during use and can be placed on any level of a home.
  • A treadmill creates more noise with every step, especially if you plan on running. If a treadmill is on your list, you’ll likely want to consider a first or ground floor option for your home gym location.

Bedroom home gym

You’ll also want to consider if you have odd room sizes or additional areas that don't neatly connect with your main exercise space. You may need to divide the space into separate areas and accurate measurements will be key. In this case, to calculate the square footage accurately, call a Precor expert for an in-home consultation to with proper sizing.

Another key consideration is, how will your new fitness equipment get into your room of choice?  By planning, that will help our expert team of professional installers deliver and set-up your equipment efficiently and properly.  Things to consider:

  • Width of doors
  • Bends in stairs
  • Ceiling heights, etc.

For example, an Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) requires a minimum of 30” uninstalled to maneuver through your halls and doorways before it settles into your home gym. As you look around your workout zone, you might need to get creative with equipment and storage placement.

Depending on the available space, you could store barbells vertically against a padded corner or put ropes/pulleys into a sturdy box or basket on a shelf. If you’re using a section of a larger room as your home gym, a backless bookcase can do double duty as storage and space divider. A kitchen or bar cart could replace a large shelving unit. A cart is compact enough to hold most free weights and essential gear, and it has the advantage of being portable.

Ceiling: With just a few minor adjustments and some imagination, you can train very effectively in a room with 8’ or 7’ ceilings. Instead of trying to find space for a lot of single use equipment, make room for one large cardio and strength piece that allows you to do a lot with your limited space. Be sure to select equipment options suited to your room’s height and still allow you to perform movements such as running, jumping, incline walking, overhead presses, kettle bell swings, pull-ups, etc. Alternatively, a 9-foot ceiling will give you plenty of clearance for these movements.

Power: Some cardio equipment requires a particular electrical outlets or voltages to operate correctly. You’ll find all the requirements for each piece of Precor cardio equipment are listed on their product pages. You can also check with your Precor expert or ask for in-home consultation to best understand the power needed for your desired equipment.

Flooring: Large gym mats with varying degrees of thickness will go a long way in protecting your floor and cushioning your body when you’re exercising on the floor. Find a non-slip one that works for you and lay it (or several) down in your home gym. Well-cushioned mats will protect your skin and joints when doing movements that require a lot of floor contact (think burpees, planks, or similar routines). Also consider the cleanability and what’s easiest to clean-up after your sweat session.

Ventilation: You are going to work up a sweat in this room. Consider installing a floor or ceiling fan in this room. It will help cool you off when you are pushing yourself through a tough workout or during the warmer months.

Lighting: An open space with windows or skylights letting in natural light will allow you to feel more relaxed and freer. Plus, windows with a view give the space an uncluttered feel and make the space more welcoming. If you’re in a spot without windows, bright ceiling lights will make a big difference in making sure you can safely maneuver around equipment and accessories.

Mirrors: Mirrors are helpful for checking proper form and making the space welcoming. It can also boost light in a space with few or no windows. But that doesn’t mean you have to install an entire wall of mirrors—try leaning a row of full-length mirrors against the wall for a budget-friendly option, however the best to secure them onto the wall so they’re off the floor and out of your way.

Home gyms come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit into a variety of spaces. Whether you’re looking for a basic home gym or want to invest in one that will rival your local gym, Precor At Home will help you take your workouts to the next level. To see just how you can build your dream home gym, check out our Space Planner tool or contact a Precor expert today!