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5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Daily Life

5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Daily Life
Fitness improves our overall health and long-term well-being by having an impact on heart and hormonal health, energy, aging… the list goes on. If you are looking for some practical ways to add more movement into your life, then consider these five ideas to simply help you just move more!

Exercise Equipment Options - How Do You Choose?

Woman working out on Precor EFX 447 elliptical next to a Precor TRM 445 treadmill with man leaning on arm of treadmill chatting after workout at home

Is there a piece of cardio equipment that is better suited to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals? Learn what machines would be best for your home gym.

How to Choose Cardio Equipment for Your Home Gym

Home gym with a Precor TRM 781 treadmill, EFX 885 elliptical, and FTS Glide Functional Training System
Walk into a modern health club and it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the choices. The floor is full of cardiovascular modalities (exercise equipment) designed to burn calories, improve fitness, and tone muscles.