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Taking Your HIIT Workout Up A Notch

Taking Your HIIT Workout Up A Notch

Have you caught the fever of the remarkable results you see through your daily or weekly CrossFit® or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts? Or have you been hearing all about how the biggest advantage of HIIT is that you can get maximum health benefits in a shorter amount of workout time and you want to start incorporating it into your home workout routine? If so, you may be starting to consider whether you can create a similar space in your home to perform these highly-effective exercises without having to commute to the gym, pack a bag, pay for a monthly membership, or wait for a class to start.

Precor has you covered. We offer equipment that will seamlessly fit into your at-home interval training program and is the same professional-grade products you’ve used at your favorite gym.

The Precor 731i: The Treadmill Specifically Designed for Intervals

Whether you’ve been doing high-intensity interval training for years or just a few weeks, you’ve probably seen the wonders it can do to your body and performance. This type of workout is shown to be one of the best ways to increase your stamina and build muscle. In less than 30 minutes per session, you can burn immense amounts of calories while also burning fat and toning your muscles. While there is a multitude of ways to perform HIIT exercises, incorporating cardio equipment, especially one built for interval training, is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best workout possible.

The Precor Interval Treadmill, TRM 731i, is the perfect asset to your in-home HIIT routine. Specifically designed to get you from your rest period to your full exertion period as quickly as possible, the TRM 731i will seamlessly increase and decrease your speed and incline at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to maximize your work-to-rest ratios to increase your overall workout efficiency.

You can also program interval settings on the P30i console to effortlessly transition from low-intensity to moderate- and high- intensity intervals for your recovery, moderate-intensity, and max interval work. This treadmill is the perfect partner for your HIIT sessions. To learn more and see the Precor Interval Treadmill in action, click here.

Assault AirBike & AirRunner: Minimalist Cardio Equipment

Gaining in popularity over the last decade, CrossFit® gyms are popping up everywhere, but what if you could make a CrossFit-style workout space in your own home? Priding itself on its minimalist nature, some may not consider a treadmill or bike as a part of a CrossFit workout, but the Assault Fitness AirBike and AirRunner are the perfect fit to complete your in-home session.

If you’ve ever tried an Assault AirBike you’ll know what we mean when people frequently have a love-hate relationship with them. They work so well (love), while pushing you to your max (hate). The AirBike will help you stay motivated throughout your whole HIIT workout. You can do the hard-hitting pre-programmed Tabata interval workouts or build your own workout based on calories, distance, time, or heart rate. With a 27-inch steel fan that provides unlimited resistance and the ability to pedal, push, and pull for a full-body engagement, the AirBike delivers an unparalleled workout experience.

The Assault AirRunner is another great addition to your HIIT workouts. This treadmill is motorless and self-powered so that it packs a powerful punch in a small package. True to its name – it feels like you’re running on air. With no maximum speed, you can work out as hard as you want and change speeds at will. It is sturdy and durable. Built with a steel frame, and it remains the lightest treadmills of its kind, making it easy to maneuver around your workout space without having to deal with finding a power source.

Adding Apps to Kickstart Your HIIT Workouts

One of the reasons people pay upwards of $50 to drop in at a studio that focuses on high-intensity workouts, is the motivation and guidance provided by the in-facility coaches. You can experience a top-quality workout from the comfort of your personal gym and bring that guidance home by incorporating specific training apps using your smartphone, tablet, or connected TV.

Some running apps that work well with interval training on the Precor treadmills are Nike+® Running, Couch to 5K®, Runtastic® Pro, and Strong Runner. While some of these apps do have a small monthly charge, this solution is still more economical and flexible than committing to a large monthly membership fee and contract.

Precor provides the best fitness equipment to make sure you’re well on your way to meeting your fitness goals. If you’re incorporating interval or cross-training into your routine, these products are a great addition to your home gym.

To see if the Precor TRM 731i treadmill, Assault AirBike, or Assault AirRunner will work as part of your fitness routine, visit your local Precor Authorized Dealer today. Their fitness experts will help you determine which piece of equipment best fits your fitness goals, while also allowing you to try them out to make sure they’re the perfect solution.