4 Water Workouts To Get You Fit For Summer

4 Water Workouts To Get You Fit For Summer

Summertime offers you an opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and there aren't many places better to be than in the water during these hot months. Not only does the water keep us cool but it also gives us a chance to burn calories by performing a lot of very fun activities. Check out these 4 water workouts so you can stay fit or get fit for summer.

*Calorie counts vary based on an exerciser's weight and the intensity level of the exercise. Take the calorie counts mentioned below as approximations.

Canoeing or Kayaking:

Calories Burned per Hour: 350-400

Muscles Used: Important muscles to train for canoeing are the obliques lats, and triceps which are all used for paddling.

Canoeing kayaking water workouts summer

Canoeing and kayaking are both activities in which more than one person can participate. In order to move the boat, you will need to use a paddle, and paddling is an awesome upper body workout!

You can make both a daring experience by engaging in whitewater canoeing or kayaking, but be prepared and always take safety precautions. Those who prefer a subtle time on the water can take their canoes onto a mild lake. By traveling two miles per hour, you can burn 350 calories every 60 minutes canoeing (or 400 calories every 60 minutes kayaking).

Swimming Laps:

Calories Burned per Hour: 400-900

Muscles Worked: The muscles used in swimming largely depend on what stroke you are doing in the water. Certain strokes utilize some muscles more than others. Check out the different muscles worked on each stroke here.

swimming laps water workout

If you have a swimming pool, or lake nearby you have what you need to help maintain your body weight. With so many different strokes to perform and perfect -- including the butterfly, the backstroke, freestyle, and the breaststroke -- swimming is an activity that rarely gets boring.

Check out this list of swimming activities and the number of calories you can burn by doing each activity (up to 900 with the butterfly stroke!).  

Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

Calories Burned per Hour 250-700

Muscles Worked: The main muscle groups that are being activated during a paddle are your mid back muscles, Shoulders, Arms, and abs. Paddle Boarding is an all-body workout that will also help with balance and stability!

paddle boarding water workout summer

It’s not surprising to learn that surfers began paddle boarding in Hawaii because people travel from many miles away just to enjoy the surf.

Paddle boarding requires that you stand on a board and use a paddle to travel across the water, meaning that it works your entire body to maintain your balance while moving throughout the water. Hopefully you'll come in contact with some great waves so you can surf your way back to shore. However, if you don’t think that you can handle riding even the smallest waves, you can obtain the exercise that you need by just standing on the board and paddling in calm waters. Estimates on how many calories you burn while stand up paddle boarding vary greatly. Of course, the harder you work, the more calories you'll burn.

Scuba Diving:

Calories Burned per Hour: 300-600

Muscles Worked: Diving uses most of the major muscles except the arms. The arms have little impact as we dive when compared the power put out by the other major muscle groups. Diving works out our quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, hip flexors, core, and shoulders.

scuba diving water workout summer

One of the most advantageous ways to burn calories in the water is by scuba diving.

While it requires you wear specialized scuba gear that includes fins for your feet and a breathing device, scuba diving allows you the relative freedom to explore what can be found near the ocean floor. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), an average shore dive can burn some 600 calories per hour while a warm-water boat dive can burn some 300 calories per hour.

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