Precor V-Crunch ab trainer


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The Precor V-Crunch Abdominal Trainer provides a gentle way to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. Adjust the body weight resistance to a comfortable level, then perform leg lifts that strengthen your core while reducing the strain on your back.

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Abd crunches

Great way to do ABD crunches in upright position! And it is easy to assemble for a novice like myself.

Control The Crunch

Ideal for athletes who suffer from back problems but want to strengthen their core, the Precor V-Crunch abdominal trainer offers plenty of support while you’re working out.

Superior Support

Gain Without Pain

Precor V-Crunch ab trainer with slip resistant handlebars and padded back support
pivot point with foot bar for leg raises Precor V Crunch ab trainer

Strong & Durable

Built To Last

Compact Footprint

Maximum Impact

compact footprint with Precor V Crunch ab trainer for core exercise
Male exerciser stretching on the Precor StretchTrainer 240i for flexibility and recovery


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