Precor professional elliptical fitness crosstrainer in a fitness center with exercisers working out

Precor Professional Ellipticals: Behind the Scenes

Erica Tillinghast, Precor’s global education manger and leader of our master coach program, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Precor professional ellipticals a favorite among exercisers across the globe.  
Erica Tillinghast, global education manager and master coach for Precor

This five-part series includes:

      1. Fundamental Capabilities
      2. Getting Started
      3. Features & Benefits
      4. Converging CrossRamp
      5. History of the Elliptical

If you are looking to invest in your health and bring a Precor elliptical home, this series is for you. 

Part 1: Fundamental Capabilities (click to view)

Get to know the fundamental capabilities of Precor professional ellipticals. This video includes:

  • Different path of motion options (linear and converging)
  • Training positions and why it just feels right
  • Using the CrossRamp, also known as incline, to alter the muscle engagement
  • Moving and fixed handlebars, including why fixed arm models are a favorite among exercisers
  • Wide resistance range to support you throughout your fitness journey

Part 2: Getting Started (click to view)

Familiarize yourself with how to get started on your Precor elliptical and how our natural stride design helps you replicate your walking and running stride.

Part 3: Features & Benefits (click to view)

Take a closer look at the exerciser options and benefits of Precor professional ellipticals, including deeper dives into:

  • CrossRamp and the different levels of the incline
  • Resistance levels and how you can help build your lower body strength
  • Cadence or your speed of movement and how that plays into your workout
  • Directional changes and the different activation on your muscle groups

Part 4: Converging CrossRamp (click to view)

You’ve heard a lot about CrossRamp and what it does. Now learn more about the benefits of the Converging CrossRamp that is exclusively available on our 800 Line ellipticals, including how it:

  • Is more comparable to walking/running stride
  • How it more fully engages your glutes

Part 5: History of the Elliptical (click to view)

History buffs unite with this short video on how the elliptical rocked the fitness industry when Precor debuted it in 1995, as well as flashbacks to how far we’ve come in fitness apparel.

Chosen by professionals, our ellipticals are installed in top-branded fitness centers, YMCAs, community and university rec centers, apartment complexes and hotels around the globe. You’ll be in good hands with Precor, as all professional models include lifetime warranty on the frame and 10-year warranty on the motor. To determine which Precor elliptical is best for you, talk to one of our online experts or contact your local authorized Precor dealer.