Male and female working out in their home gym on a Precor elliptical EFX 685 and a Precor treadmill TRM 681

Elliptical vs. Treadmill: What’s the Best Cardio Machine for Your Home Gym?

The foundation of most home gyms is a cardio machine, and for many exercisers, the choice comes down to elliptical vs. treadmill. The one you select will depend on your individual and family preferences, fitness goals, and potential physical considerations, such as injuries or reduced mobility. Both Precor elliptical fitness crosstrainers and treadmills are excellent choices for your home gym. Whether you choose a treadmill, elliptical, or both, these home gym must-haves will definitely help elevate your home gym experience.

Before choosing your cardio solution, let’s review each cardio product’s advantages:

Advantages of an Elliptical

  • Low impact—Ellipticals are better for people recovering from injuries and those managing knee, ankle, hip, or balance issues. Ellipticals are also a great cardio equipment option for beginner exercisers offering a highly effective and low impact workout.
  • Full-body workout—Best for someone looking for maximal gluteal impact and a variety of arm and leg workouts, for the push and pull with the moving arm models.
  • Wider-range of muscle groups—Ellipticals are good for when you want to change the incline or reverse the direction of the pedals to target different muscles as part of your fitness rotation.

      Advantages of a Treadmill

      • Versatility—Treadmills are better for those who want to develop endurance with a range of leg muscle workouts, from a leisurely walking pace to high-intensity running sprints.
      • Training—Treadmills are best for dedicated runners training for races and sporting events. They are also ideal for helping novices gain confidence and get results with general walking or running training.
      • Leg strength—Treadmills are great for strengthening leg muscles with preset programs such as hill and interval workouts or to create customized programs that suit your needs over time.

          Elliptical vs. Treadmill: What’s Better for Losing Weight?

          A 2010 study from PubMed found little difference in calories burned, oxygen consumed, and heart rate measured when someone exercises on an elliptical versus a treadmill. When you exercise consistently and eat a healthy diet, the two factors combined will help you lose weight, whether you work out on a home treadmill or home elliptical crosstrainer.

          How Do You Choose?

          An elliptical is a good choice if you are looking for an aerobic workout while recovering from an injury or have a musculoskeletal condition. A treadmill is right for you if you want to build your leg strength and increase your running speed.

          If you want to work out without going to the gym or leaving the house during inclement weather, a treadmill or elliptical will be a game-changer for your home gym. Top-rated Precor treadmills and elliptical crosstrainers are a great solution to help meet your fitness goals and improve your overall cardiovascular health.

          Are you ready to have the best possible cardio workout at home with gym-quality fitness equipment? Chat with our team online or visit your local Precor authorized dealer. Our fitness experts are happy to answer all your questions about Precor treadmills and ellipticals and help you find the perfect model for your home gym.