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Home Gym Equipment: What Cardio Machine Is Right for You?

Regular cardio exercise is fundamental to your health, fitness, mental, and overall wellbeing. If you’re considering making an investment in home gym equipment, there are many factors to consider. While the selection of cardio machines may seem overwhelming, our fitness experts are here to help you find the right cardio equipment for your home gym.

Benefits of a Treadmill

Whether you walk, jog, run, or hike, Precor treadmills are a great choice for a wide range of people and are considered one of the most versatile home cardio machines available.

Treadmills are an ideal choice for:

  • Competitive runners looking to train for specific events, from sprints to ultramarathons.
  • Exercisers who prefer a variety of HIIT and Tabata workouts.
  • Individuals who enjoy the great outdoors and want to continue even when the weather outside isn’t as friendly.
  • People with mobility, ankle, knee, or back issues. Some find a treadmill easier on their joints, and they like the comfort of the side rail to hold onto when needed.

Precor treadmills deliver a smooth and natural feel that fully complements your natural running stride, reducing joint stress and fatigue.

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Benefits of an Elliptical

Precor Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers® (EFX®) offer a full-body workout with both arm and leg workouts. Though exercising on an elliptical is low impact and easy on joints, it still provides a great cardio workout. Most Precor ellipticals offer CrossRamp® technology that allows you to adjust the incline of your workout.

With a Precor EFX, you can:

  • Isolate or cross train muscle groups for training variance and to propel results.
  • Choose a preset program that targets specific leg muscles.
  • Adjust both the angle of the ramp, resistance levels, and direction of the pedals.

Trying out different programs and adjustments when using either a fixed or moving arm elliptical can all help to strengthen your overall core and improve your balance.

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Benefits of an Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)

If you are looking for the most versatile piece of home cardio equipment available, the AMT from Precor is for you. With a combination of dual-action movements between your legs and arms, the AMT cardio machine provides you with a uniquely effective and personalized experience every time.

The AMT allows you to get a total body workout by switching up your workout style without touching a button:

  • Short and long strides
  • Walking and running
  • Stepping and climbing

Like the elliptical crosstrainer, the AMT is a low impact cardio machine and allows you to target specific leg muscles. Exercisers who love to mix up their cardio workouts can rev up their training with the ultimate, all-in-one jack of all cardio.

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Benefits of a Stationary Recumbent or Upright Bike

Precor’s stationary bikes come in two styles—recumbent and upright. Both offer comfort and provide impact-free cardio exercise. Which is right for you depends on your personal preference and what you need for your body.

Recumbent bikes have a step-through design, provide simple one-handed seat adjustments, and allow you to sit reclined with pedals positioned in front of your body.

Upright bikes offer a smaller seat with oversized pedals that have integrated pedal straps positioned under the body that allow for proper pedaling form, more like a traditional bicycle, over the recumbent bike.

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No matter which cardio machine you choose for your home gym, you’re in good hands with Precor. Chances are you’ve worked out on our equipment at your local gym, YMCA, rec center, or hotel. To determine which Precor equipment is best for you, talk to one of our online experts or contact your local authorized Precor dealer.