Woman walking on a Precor treadmill at home with her husband chilling on the floor post-workout

Inspiring Spaces To Work Out

Of all the well intentioned resolutions people make every year, what's probably the most common yet least acted upon is the resolution to get in shape. While it's a noble goal, it can only happen if you make it easier to exercise.

For a lot of people, making it easier to exercise results in a home gym. A home gym needn't be outfitted with the latest equipment. Sometimes a set of dumbbells or an exercise mat will do the trick. The key is to set aside a specific place to exercise. Half the battle is to make exercise a habit. Once you've settled into a routine it will become second nature. No one ever said it would be easy, but just think how accomplished you'll feel at this time next year when there's a new you looking back from the mirror.

Setting aside a space for exercise is important. Even if you don't have the extra room, setting up exercise equipment near a window with a view will make the whole enterprise more enjoyable.

If there is no window with a view available, a mirrored wall can do wonders for the psyche and make exercise feel less like a lonely endeavor.

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Although exercise machines and lap pools get all the glory, something as simple as a ping pong table and a commitment to use it may be all you need to get moving and keep moving again. Family games get everybody doing something active at the same time and make memories that last a lifetime.

If you work at home, a treadmill or elliptical trainer in your home office might work for you. What better way to feel in control and on the go than taking conference calls from your elliptical?

Maybe swimming's the route you want to take to better health and a successful new year. A lap pool would make anyone feel like an Olympian.

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For some, the right combination of room, views and budgets allow a place for a purpose-built yoga studio. The views from this one could make even the most die-hard coach potato feel centered and toned. But even without a studio such as this one, all anybody needs is a mat placed in front of a window and you'll be stretching your way to better health this year.

Just as important as setting aside space and time to exercise is setting aside space and time to relax afterward.

Knowing that there's a soak and a sweat coming at the end of an exercise session is enough motivation to keep anybody exercising.

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This shower's equipped with steam. You can tell because the glass enclosure closes in the shower completely. For people too pressed for time to take a sauna and a soak, a steam shower might be the perfect way to unwind after exercising. A steam shower will treat your skin as well as it treats your soul. A few minutes spent inside one are a perfect ending to a strenuous workout.

A massage with a partner or a professional masseur can take the sting out of the most difficult exercise regimens. An element of indulgence makes any task easier to complete.

So whether it's through steam, a sauna, a massage or just quiet, recharge-your-batteries time alone, treat yourself well this year.

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