Man running on his Precor TRM 445 treadmill in his home gym that also includes EFX 447 elliptical fitness crosstrainer, and 240i StretchTrainer

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

Purchasing cardio equipment for your home is a great way to set yourself up for achieving your fitness goals. With 24-hour access in the comfort of your home, you’re able to work out on your terms. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to be more active, or training for a race, Precor cardio equipment makes it easier than ever to reach your fitness goals.

woman walking on TRM 445 treadmill and man working out on EFX 447 elliptical fitness crosstrainer in home gym

The Difference between Suggested Workout and QuickStart®

To consider the difference between the QuickStart and Suggested Workouts on Precor ellipticals and treadmills, let’s start by thinking about a digital camera. On a camera, you can select landscape, portrait, or action modes to allow the camera to automatically set the camera’s functions to shoot in that mode. Alternatively, you can select manual mode in which you’ll take control for how the shot turns out.

This is very similar to QuickStart versus Suggested Workouts on Precor equipment:

  • QuickStart is the machine’s “manual mode.” In this mode, you’ll be able to adjust your own elevation, resistance, speed, and ramp changes. This option is best if you’re well versed in your body’s needs and know what settings are needed to reach your goals.
  • Suggested Workouts are preset workouts created by fitness experts that target your unique goals. With options such as Be Fit, Lose Weight, and Interval, you’ll be able to quickly choose a setting and then begin a workout that helps you push your boundaries and achieve results.

Just imagine walking up to your treadmill or elliptical in your home and having your workout partner plan today’s workout for you. This is exactly what Precor cardio equipped with R40 consoles does for you. It suggests a workout for you based on your goals, i.e. lose weight, be fit, etc. This feature is designed to encourage you to push the boundaries and shake up your workout routine. You may be familiar with this feature from your experience at your local gym; Precor serves up a workout of the day on our cardio equipment with touchscreen consoles.  

Close-up view of the R40 console start menu

The Suggested Workouts

Precor has worked with the latest research and experts to specifically craft workouts that help you reach your fitness goals – no matter what they are. Utilizing the preset workouts available on R40 consoles on the Energy™ and Precision™ Series cardio equipment helps you stay engaged throughout your workout and hit your goals faster.

Close-up view of R40 console on a Precor treadmill with a tablet attached

Push Performance Workouts (HIIT)

The Push Performance workouts are based on the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methodology, which is proven to be among one of the most effective training methods available. Depending on your fitness level, the 1:2 Interval or the 1:4 Interval will help you achieve an efficient yet effective workout by adjusting its settings to keep your body and mind engaged to avoid plateaus. They also include the Heart Rate Zone workout, which is an interactive course designed to use your heart rate feedback to push your aerobic threshold and maximize your cardiovascular performance. 

Close-up view of the Heart Rate Zone workout program on the Precor R40 console

Be Fit Workouts

These workouts encourage overall cardiovascular fitness and an active lifestyle. Designed to be efficient and effective, interval training is a great way to increase your endurance, track your progress, and a host of other benefits. There are three preset interval workouts on Precor equipment fitted with the R40 console. Other Be Fit workouts include Rolling Hills, Mountain Peak, Total Body Interval, Hill Climb, and Heart Rate Cardio.

Close-up view of the Hill Climb workout program on the Precor R40 console

Lose Weight Workouts

Precor has compiled workouts that will help you shed those extra pounds. Each of these workouts is designed to increase your aerobic rate to maximize your fat burn. They also incorporate some aspect of interval training to promote weight loss. Lose Weight workouts include 4:3 Intervals, Aerobic, Aerobic Plus, and Fat Burner. The 4:3 interval workout on Precor treadmills was crafted after the world renowned Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research recommendations for effective weight loss.  The research recommends that 28 minutes of modest interval training three times a week is optimal for promoting weight loss and is the perfect place to start for someone new to exercise or just getting back into a routine.

Close-up view of the 4:3 Interval workout program on the Precor R40 console

Get Toned Workouts

Whether you’re looking ahead to bathing suit season or wanting your clothes to fit better, the Get Toned series will not only improve your overall fitness but also tone targeted muscles groups in your lower body. With workouts like Glute Toner, Leg Sculpt, and Leg Sculpt Plus, you’ll see how you can utilize elevation changes to tone your body.

Go the Distance Workouts

If you’re training for an endurance race or a fun run with a specified distance, the Go the Distance workouts are purely based on a predetermined distance, rather than time. If you are pushing yourself to improve, this is a great way to compete against yourself. With distances set at one mile, 5K, and 10K, you can improve your fitness level while also staying motivated. 

Close-up view of the 5K workout program on the Precor R40 console

Customize Your Own Workouts

Now that you know the power of the preset workouts, you can continue to use those for as long as you see results. When you are ready to craft your own training session, you can easily create unique workouts to help you get the most out of your cardio training. This unleashes nearly an unlimited opportunity for you to train exactly as you please and it’s simple to do.

Start by selecting QuickStart or any other preset workout on your R40 console, and then adjust your speed or incline. Every 15 seconds your R40 console will save each adjustment you make to your course profile, allowing you maximum flexibility in customizing your workout. At the end of your workout click Save Workout in the upper right hand corner of your console, name your workout and click Save. When you are ready to repeat that workout, you’ll find it in “My Workouts” in the upper right hand corner of your home screen.

Imagine recreating your favorite outdoor running route or designing your own HIIT with shorter or longer intervals.  If you can dream it up, you can save it. 

Close-up view of a Suggested Workout program on the Precor R40 console

Test Your Fitness & Check Your Progress

As you explore the suggested workouts on Precor cardio equipment, you’ll notice something else on the Suggested Workouts page – the Fitness Test. Tracking your progress is a great way to keep you motivated. This feature is probably one of the most important, yet underrated features on Precor cardio equipment.

This test is a simple and scientifically proven way to estimate your maximal oxygen consumption by measuring your VO2 max through a specific exercise. It’s the same test firefighters use to measure their fitness levels. By selecting this fitness test on an elliptical or treadmill, you’ll be able to use your score to regularly test your overall fitness and wellness.

Close-up view of the Gerkin Fitness Test workout program on the Precor R40 console

Precor cardio equipment is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, and we work tirelessly to provide the tools necessary for you to do that. Whether you utilize the QuickStart setting or the suggested workouts, we’re sure you’ll feel the Precor difference throughout your fitness journey. To test out a workout for yourself, grab your running shoes and head over to an authorized Precor dealer to match you with the Precor fitness equipment that will fit your goals