Making the Smart Choice: Buy From an Authorized Precor Dealer

As you research and decide which fitness equipment will fit your needs for your in-home gym, you may be wondering the best way to try out and purchase the equipment for yourself. Precor prides itself on the quality, service, and installation of our equipment and we have built trusted relationships with select sellers across the United States and Canada. Not only will you get impeccable customer service from individuals who are knowledgeable with a range of fitness equipment, but you’ll also be able to experience the Precor difference for yourself.

Try Before You Buy

One of the best ways to determine whether Precor offers what you’re looking for as you build your home gym is to try out the equipment. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll realize that purchasing our equipment will be a great investment to continue your fitness journey at home.

If you’re considering buying a piece of Precor equipment, visit an authorized Precor dealer near you. In these stores, you’ll be able to workout on the very equipment you can take home. You’ll also be able to decide which level of equipment you’d like whether it be the home-quality machines or the commercial-grade equipment your fitness facility invested in.

Purchase from Precor-Trained Experts

To help you determine the best decision for your investment, our trained sales representatives offer a wealth of knowledge on all things Precor. More than just sales people, they are fitness enthusiasts who understand the needs of their customers and work to make sure you get the equipment that will best fit your needs.

Precor cares deeply about who sells our products. We strive to provide quality products, exceptional customer service, and a warranty that protects your investment in the event your product should encounter specific issues. Currently, the only authorized ways to purchase a Precor product is through these sales avenues:

  • Precor Authorized Dealers

Most Precor products are equipped with features that require proper installation and set-up. Precor provides substantial training to ensure your fitness equipment installation goes smoothly. Additionally, the majority of our retail partners and installers provide pre-delivery and post-delivery service and maintain trained service personnel.*

Sometimes unauthorized resellers will manage to find and sell Precor products without our permission. These resellers do not have the training, expertise, and authority to be selling Precor equipment and negatively impact our reputation in the industry and our ability to serve you in the best way possible.

When you go into a store selling Precor equipment, make sure this logo is visible to confirm you’re working with one of our trained experts.

Ensuring Service & Safety

Purchasing from an authorized Precor dealer will also ensure you’re getting the most out of our industry-leading service agreements and warranties. If anything happens to your Precor product while it’s under warranty, we are here to help you get it up and running as soon as possible. However, this is only applicable when you purchase your equipment from an authorized dealer.

Precor warranties are nontransferable and will be registered under the name in which the product was purchased. If an unauthorized dealer initially bought the equipment, the warranty will be under their name and will be voided when you are purchasing the equipment from them. Also, if a non-Precor agent services the piece of equipment, the warranty is considered null and void. 

Precor invests significant time and effort in designing and building the finest equipment in the industry. We have these systems in place to ensure our products serve our customers well for many years.

By purchasing your fitness equipment from an authorized Precor dealer, you’re not only going to be able to get expert advice on the equipment that will best fit your needs, but also receive the peace of mind that you have our support for your investment for years to come.

To find a local authorized Precor dealer in your city, visit


*Products purchased on are not professionally installed unless you call the number listed for additional professional installation.