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Female in her living room using the Precor 240i StretchTrainer

Stretch & Flexibility: The Secret to Your Fitness

We all know stretching should be an important part of our workout routine, but why don’t we properly stretch our bodies? Whether it’s the thought of getting down on the dirty floor or not making time before or after our workouts, we’d all like an effective and efficient (and cleaner!) way to stretch. The Precor 240i StretchTrainer™ is an excellent way to incorporate stretching into your home workouts to increase flexibility and coordination while also improving athletic performance—without getting on the floor.

Female in a professional gym using a Precor 240i StretchTrainer

Considering the StretchTrainer is ranked the number one brand for its quality, reliability, and ease of use among gym owners, it’s no surprise it’s also the most popular equipment choice among our home exercisers. The StretchTrainer eliminates the mystery by ergonomically putting you into eight different stretches to ease muscle tension and increase a range of motion. Many of our home purchasers are introduced to the StretchTrainer at their local fitness facility and realize that it’s a great way to incorporate stretching into their home workout routine as well.

Used by universities, rehabilitation facilities, professional sports teams, and athletes, the Precor 240i is a trusted partner for elite and casual athletes alike. With the ability to quickly and efficiently stretch the core muscle groups of the body in as little as eight minutes, you’ll start to notice changes in your flexibility, posture, and performance after consistent use.

So why buy a Precor StretchTrainer for your home gym?

  • Stretch Correctly with Its Patented Design
  • Increase Your Range of Motion
  • Reduce Pain

Stretch Correctly with Its Patented Design

When Precor designs a product, you can be assured we’ve invested the time and effort to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. The 240i is no different. With its patented design, the StretchTrainer provides easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions to perform the ergonomically correct positions for each stretch without having to get on the floor or wondering whether you’re doing the stretch correctly.

Depending on your level of flexibility, you may only be able to perform a stretch for 10 seconds or less, but with consistent use, you’re bound to see improvement. Many users are able to work up to 30 seconds or more for each stretch, enabling them to see vast improvement in flexibility and range of motion.

Close-up image of the instructional placard of the Precor 240i StretchTrainer

Increase Range of Motion

The StretchTrainer has eight specific stretches that will help you see drastic changes in how your body feels. You’re likely to see an increase of flexibility, a range of motion, and coordination after consistent use as you perform the stretches for your lower, mid, and upper back, hamstrings, glutes, hips, inner thighs, shoulders, and quads.

Consistent stretching can increase your range of motion, from being able to touch your toes again to helping increase your running speed. Regardless of your fitness goals, flexibility and an increased motion can help you feel like you’re performing at the top of your game.

Reduce Pain

Used in rehabilitation centers around the globe, the StretchTrainer is a trusted ally for physical and occupational therapists to help reduce their patients’ pain. Many users have experienced less pain after consistently using the StretchTrainer to stretch their problem areas. Everyone, regardless of fitness level, can instantly feel how the StretchTrainer works to stretch the targeted muscle group. If you’re experiencing pain from a past injury or a sedentary lifestyle, check with your doctor to see if the Precor StretchTrainer can help you to start feeling some improvement.

Whether you’re playing sports, chasing kids, or just trying to lead an active lifestyle, the Precor 240i StretchTrainer can help you move better, release tension in your body, and stretch your boundaries of fitness. If you’d like to see how the StretchTrainer can help you increase your flexibility and range of motion, visit an authorized Precor dealer to try it out for yourself.