Precor Ab X ab trainer


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Used in fitness centers around the world, the Precor Ab-X Abdominal Trainer is designed to precisely target your abdominal muscles while stabilizing your core for a more focused and efficient abdominal workout.

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The Power To Crunch

Looking to increase your core strength or maybe even go for a set of six-pack abs? The Precor Ab-X will help you get there faster with the ideal biomechanics already built-in.

Ab Training Made Easy

Comfy Crunching

Precor Ab-X slip resistant handlebars and contoured pads for support of core exercises
industrial grade steel tubing and powder coating for long lasting Precor Ab-X core machine

Strong & Durable

Built To Last

Compact Footprint

Maximum Impact

floating pivot point of Precor Ab-X ab trainer for ideal crunch movement
Male exerciser stretching on the Precor StretchTrainer 240i for flexibility and recovery


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