Precor EFX 222 elliptical with R20 console
Precor EFX 222 elliptical side view
Precor EFX 222 elliptical R20 console view with handlebars
Precor EFX 225 elliptical with R20 Console
Precor EFX 225 elliptical side view
Precor EFX 225 elliptical R20 console and handlebar view

EFX 200 Line

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Our lightest, most compact model available, the Precor EFX® 200 Line is perfect for those who want a fitness center-quality elliptical machine that won’t take over your space. Push your workouts to the fullest without beating up your body using the best-selling elliptical in the world from the company that pioneered ellipticals.

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Console Options

R20 Console

The Precor EFX 222/225 elliptical includes the R20 console with a high-contrast, blue-white LCD display, Quick Start and nine preset workouts, are all accessible from its durable dome keys for easy navigation.

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female exerciser cardio workout with Precor EFX 200 line elliptical at home

Our Best Value Elliptical

With technology adapted from our commercial-grade models, the 200 Line ellipticals have design and convenience features that will help you reach your fitness goals faster and enjoy your workouts more.

Ramp It Up

Push Yourself Harder

Precor EFX 200 line elliptical crossramp with incline
Precor EFX 200 line elliptical moving arms and R20 console

Professional Features

Made for the Home

Biomechanics Perfection

Stress-Free Workouts

Precor EFX 200 line elliptical
Male exerciser cardio workout on the Precor EFX 800 Line elliptical at home


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