Precor EFX 425 elliptical with R20 console
Precor EFX 425 elliptical side view
Precor EFX 425 elliptical with R40 console view with handlebars
Precor EFX 445 elliptical with R40 console
Precor EFX 445 elliptical with R40 console side view
Precor EFX 445 elliptical R40 console with handlebars view

EFX 400 Line

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Enjoy a fitness center-level workout without having to leave home. The Precor EFX® 400 Line offers many of the same premium features and design elements of our professional fitness center models, putting it in a class by itself in the home elliptical machine market. Push your workouts to the fullest without beating up your body using the best-selling elliptical in the world from the company that pioneered ellipticals.


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Bradley Young

EFX 400 Line

KR Masters
Best Decision, this year! EFX 447

I was tasked by my spouse to help find an elliptical trainer, as her knees are in bad shape, but she still wants to exercise, as it gives her much mental relief (mostly, from being married to me...). I knew that I liked Precor machines from the business travel I (Used to) do, as many Hotels have Precor's in their onsite fitness rooms.

I've always liked the sturdiness, functionality, and features of these machines. When buying for the home, I still wanted the "Club Grade" unit, but without the "Club Grade" cost.

I found both in the Elliptical EFX-447. We ended up buying it, sight unseen, as we were not able to go to a showroom to test or try these out, you all know why... So I read, reread, and reread all the online material. I studied the pictures, features, etc (I'm an 'enginerd' by trade, so I have to do this!). We came to the conclusion that the EFX-447 was the unit for us! At the time of purchasing, I really wished / hoped that Precor had MORE online reviews for their products... Hint, this would be great to get MORE! (Maybe an incentive program here...).

The purchase process was easy, I got connected with a Precor Rep through the online chat, got an email that night (Sunday night, who does that?), spoke with Eric a couple days later, scratched my head for a couple more days, looked at the design, features, functions, Again (my wife was getting impatient). Finally called Eric back, dropped down the credit card, and purchased the unit. Delivery was set up for 2 weeks later, this helped as WE did not want to wait much longer.

Fast forward 2 anxious weeks, The delivery team arrived as agreed upon, scoped out the route to where the unit was going to go, and went back to the truck and started taking the unit apart, "a little bit". The team had unboxed, assembled, tested the unit at their warehouse prior to delivery, thinking it would be a straight shot to the room... Well there was one dog-leg turn that threw a wrench in the works. Took them 10 minutes to take a couple pieces off, they carried all the parts in to the room, re-assembled. NOTE: It's a good sized unit, so PLAN accordingly. By the way, the Delivery Service team was great, top notch group. They completely followed all Non-Contact, Touchless, Physical Distance, Etc, Etc, rules & guidelines to deliver this.

So far, the unit is amazing! Love it, the sturdiness, programs, functions, AND how quiet it is! A great machine! My wife uses it daily, I use it 2-3 times a week, mixed in with long hike / walks around my neighborhood. I use it early in the morning, the unit is in a room in the middle of the house, and it does not wake anyone up! Again, this is a great machine, we love it!

I hope to get a Treadmill next, as I would like to get back in to some serious running! All year round!

Thanks for reading... KM

John Yoder
One of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made

I’ve been running on ellipticals for 18 years, and I learned early on that Precor is the best.
I could’ve bought anything I wanted. It’s a very large elliptical, and I have a very small house, and it takes up a lot of space. But it was WORTH it, because I USE it. It makes me look good, and feel good.
It’s movements and motion match exactly what my body does, with zero impact. I’m 54 years old. The user interface is easy to use.
All the people I talked to when I bought it, and the guys who installed it, were great.
I’m very brand loyal. I will ALWAYS give Precor first look when I choose to buy more equipment!
I don’t have to go to a scummy gym. I have my own now!

William Dealy
Efx 400

It’s a wonderful machine. My wife and I are very happy we have it and rating is closer to 5 than 4. I didn’t realize this model’s limitations as far as how high the ramp will go. I am used to elevating to 16-20 at gym and this one probably equates to 12-14. I also wish there were better programming options and offerings. I am sure some other models have them. The 400 is price point we wanted right now. Again it’s a great machine and hope it operates smoothly for a longtime to come. Thanks


Great replacement for our 18 year old PRECOR Elliptical!

Console Options

R40 Console

An ultra-customizable and personalized 7" color LCD capacitive touch screen that features motion controls and suggested workouts that are designed to maximize your performance.

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female exerciser cardio workout on Precor EFX 400 Line elliptical at home

Built To Perform

Enjoy a fitness center-level workout without the fitness center price.

On-the-Fly Adjustments

Push Yourself Harder

Precor EFX 400 line elliptical crossramp for incline and natural stride
Precor EFX 400 line moving handlebars and R40 console

Touch-Screen Console


Biomechanics Perfection

Stress-Free Workouts

Precor EFX 400 line elliptical


Precor EFX 445 elliptical

EFX 445 Elliptical

CrossRamp® Movement: Motorized variable
CrossRamp® Elevation Range: 15° - 40°
Number of Workout Metrics: 27
Preset Workouts: 25 + 16 exerciser created
Max Resistance: 625 Watts
Resistance Levels: 20
CrossRamp & Resistance: Lever style Motion Controls
Dimensions: 84” L x 31” W x 67” H
213 x 79 x 171 cm
Weight: 240 lbs / 109 kg
Power: 120V

Male exerciser cardio workout on the Precor EFX 800 Line elliptical at home


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