Precor DBR 611 Half Rack
Precor DBR 610 Power Rack

Power and Half Rack

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Bring a professional weight training rack from the gym into your home. The Precor Half Rack and Precor Power Rack are sturdy, dependable, and packed with enhanced capabilities to help you take your strength training to the next level.

Be sure to check out Precor benches to the make the most of your weight training.

Please note: Weight plates are used for illustration purposes and are not included in your purchase.

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Rack Options

Half Rack

Best for a smaller footprint without sacrificing features. Lowest safety rail height: 28” Max lift load capacity: 600 lbs. 71”L x 61”W x 98.5”H

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Power Rack

Best for taking your weightlifting to the max. Lowest safety rail height: 19.88” Max lift load capacity: 800 lbs. 83”L x 65”W x 98.5”H

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male exerciser deadlifting weights with Precor power rack for strength training

Wanted: Serious Weightlifters

Both of the Precor Racks are built for weightlifters who take their strength training seriously and insist on having the best training equipment for their home gym.

Heavy-Duty Heavy Lifting

As Strong As You

heavy duty welded dual pin design Precor power rack strength equipment
dual chin-up pull-up handles with step up assist on Precor power rack for range of strength exercises

Strength Training Essentials

Packs A Punch

Enhanced Functional Capabilities

Wait, There's More!

band pegs on Precor power rack for added resistance bands for barbell lifting exercises
Male exerciser strength training with barbell deadlift using Precor strength equipment


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